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What will not work if sensors are not setup in Studio relative to positioning on a floor plan?

Our API will aggregate all detections associated to a room, as long as sensors are placed in that room. If this is the only data required, then rooms do not need to be arranged according to the layout of the real-world floor plan.

However, sensors must be arranged in the correct order and layout in the following situations:

  • When sensors overlap in the real world, it’s important to at least place the sensors correctly in relation to each other. Studio automatically recognizes overlapping sensors and prevents duplicate counts.
  • When certain regions across multiple sensors need to be blacklisted from detections, sensors must be arranged in relation to the area that must be blacklisted. For example, if a heater spans 2 sensors and is detected as a person, our sensors may recognize this automatically. But if not, we would need to manually identify this area and blacklist on the backend.
  • If you would like spatial data such as a heatmap of dwell time, it would be impossible to generate this without knowing the locations of detections in relation to the layout of the space.