What is the difference between Traffic and Presence mode?

Heatic sensors are set between two different modes.

Mode Recommended Use Cases Data Sampling Rate
Placed above entryways to collect building and floor-level data on:
  • Entryway entries and exits
  • Calculate estimated occupancy from main entryway entries and exits
  • “In” counts
  • “Out” counts


  • Estimated occupancy
6.5-8 frames per second
Presence  Placed on the ceilings above open areas or rooms to collect data on:
  • Room, zone or desk-level occupancy
  • Space-level occupancy, if fully covered by sensors
  • Movement across a space
  • Dwell time
  • Occupancy
  • Detection coordinates


  • Occupancy Trends
  • Trajectory (beta)
  • Activity Heatmap (beta)
  • Pose detection

2.5-3 frames per second