Studio Release Notes

May 2022

What's New for v2.13.12

  • New App Version Notification: get an in-app notification when a new version of Studio is available.
  • Learning Center: click "?" icon to go to the Learning Center or "Support" send a message to
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements

March 2022

What's New for v2.13.10

  • Downloads
  • Enhanced UI: Improved tool menu and element control panel.
  • New sensor calibration & display features
    • Mounting options: Select between wall or ceiling mount to show the sensor coverage geometry.
    • Advanced sensor controls: Enable Advanced Sensor Controls in Settings to show the following new sensor calibration tools:
      • Adjust door line position & orientation of a headcount sensor
      • Switch direction of entry of a headcount sensor
      • Reset background for sensor to adapt to new environments
    • Sensor labels: The mode and the last 6 digits of its MAC address are now displayed on each sensor for quick identification.
    • Placeholder sensors: Plan your space ahead of time using placeholder sensors to mark sensor coverage.
  • Add multiple Hives: Add two or more Hives and their connected sensors to a space.
  • Resize fixtures: Match furniture plans more accurately and efficiently by editing the dimensions of a fixture.
  • Upload floor plan: Build room and furniture layouts quickly by uploading floor plan images as a guide for creating rooms and fixtures.
  • Set time zone preferences: Select time zone in Settings for the entire space and the data displayed on Studio and Dashboard.
  • Set unit preferences: Display units in meters or feet in Settings.
  • Improved Zoom & Pan controls: Scroll with two fingers to pan space; hold down ctrl + scroll with two fingers to zoom in and out.
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements