Dashboard Release Notes


June 2022

What's New

  • Universal 'Refresh' button: Refresh all data and charts in one click. Tooltip displays time since last refresh.

  • Improved chart performance: Pulls data at 1 second intervals to display the latest real-time figures. Switch between time ranges without delay.
  • Editable space settings: edit space name, size, address, unit preferences, capacity limit and warning levels and time zone. Changes to time zone, unit preferences and space name will also be applied to the space in Studio.
  • Editable room settings: edit room name, size, capacity limit and warning levels. Changes to room name will also be applied to the space in Studio.

  • Unit preference setting: Select display units in meters or feet in Space Details panel. Once saved, the selected unit preference will also be applied to Studio.

  • 'Capacity Limit' and 'Capacity Warning' settings for spaces and rooms: Set the 'Capacity Limit' and 'Capacity Warning' in Space or Room Details panel. When occupancy exceeds 'Capacity Warning,' the number turns orange. When it exceeds 'Capacity Limit,' the number turns red.
  • Chinese (Simplified) language now available.
  • Click the Support ("?") icon for links to the Learning Center and our support team.
  • Set default ‘Occupancy’ data preference: Display default occupancy data based on headcount sensors ("headcount estimate") or activity sensors ("live activity detection").
  • Updated API Docs, Downloads and Installation Guide links.
  • Updated dashboard to show charts and tiles according to the sensor modes in a space.
  • Bug fixes, security and usability improvements.