API Release Notes

June 2022

What's New for API v2.1:

  • New /supported-languages endpoint that lists the various languages that Butlr supports
  • New /preferences endpoint that stores the user's preferred language
  • New /refresh endpoint to get fresh access_token / id_token / refresh_token
  • Minor bug fixes

March 2022

What's New for API v2.1:

A new version of our API is now available! 

Docs: https://docs.butlr.io | URL: https//api.butlr.io
  • The use of hive_id is not required any more
  • Any clients using the .dev links should switch to .io.
  • Query by (space_id AND room_id) or just (space_id) to identify sensor groupings for time series endpoints like occupancy, headcount, and streams.
  • Receive room_id and space_id information in query response when requests are made with space_id/room_id together, just room_id, or hive_id/device_id together.
  • TimeRange parameter has been deprecated.
  • Timezone (tz) feature now available to display any desired timezone.
  • Time representation in query returns now shows the suffix "00:00" to depict a UTC time instead of 'Z' character.